Effective Steps To Trade The Major News

Effective Steps To Trade The Major News

News trading can be very lethal for inexperienced professionals. On the verge of a major news release, the market becomes extremely unstable and it becomes very hard to predict the future price movement. The traders become confused with their actions and fail to find the best possible trade signals. But if you learn to take some effective steps, you should not have much trouble in trading the major news. You will become much more experienced and find it amusing.

Becoming a skilled news trader is not that easy. It might be the most complex task as you will have to educate yourself properly. Even after having the strong urge to learn news trading, you may fail as a trader due to the random executions of the trade. We are now going to discuss some effective techniques, which will help you to trade the major news with strong confidence. Let’s begin our journey.

Impact of the news

You need to know about the severity of different economic news. Without knowing the impact of the major news, things become challenging for novice traders. People often think they know every bit of detail about this market and they are willing to take the high risk. But if you ask them how much the market is going to move right after the NFP news or ECB press conference, they will fail to give you the correct answer. But those who have studied the major and minor news in the market will know the exact answer.

Choosing a different trading style

To trade the major news, you can’t use the same old technical analysis. You need to pick a different trading strategy and take the trades with strong confidence. Visit the site of Saxo and get a demo trading account from them. Use it to develop your news trading skills. Remember, developing a news trading skill is much more difficult than learning technical analysis from the scratch. You have to couple the technical and fundamental data to find the potential trade setups. During your learning stage, you might have the urge to trade the news with real money. But without having a verified trading strategy, you must not leave your demo trading environment.

Backtesting your system

After developing the news trading system, you should check the performance. The system should have the ability to handle complex news factor-like FOMC meeting minutes, ECB press conferences, NFP news data, etc. So, how do we know whether the system works or not? Well, we have to test the functions of the news during these critical news releases. You might be thinking that it will take much time to test the news trading system. If you truly want to back-test your news trading system, it might even take few months. And without doing that, you should not trade with real money.

Managing the risk factors

Professional news traders manage their risk in a very effective way. They know news trading is by far the most sophisticated approach to make money in the retail trading industry. So, if you believe you can become a professional news trader within a short time, you should be following some simple rules. For instance, you can’t risk more than 1% of the account balance in the learning stage. You have to always follow a conservative trading technique and find reliable trade signals by using strategic means. You may feel that you can trade the news with a negative or 1:1 risk to reward ratio but if you do so, be prepared to blow up your trading account.

Managing the risk factors is the most vital part of your news trading system. Unless you do that like a professional trader, you should not be expecting much from this market. You might weakness in trading strategy but there is no way you can have a weak spot in your risk management technique.

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Author: Steve J. Bauer