Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

For all online enterprises, the website is the ultimate metric of success. More specifically, how well a website performs is directly related to how well the company is performing. This is, obviously enough, because it is through the website that products are services are purchased, subscriptions are made, podcasts listened to, blogs read, and so on. 

That’s all perfectly obvious, of course, but it does well to think of the website as the indicator of company health. All other indicators go back to how many things are actually being sold – and they are being on sold on the website. 

Web Design as an Investment 

For that reason, ecommerce businesses factor web design into their budgets as a matter of course. Sometimes though the budget doesn’t allow for it. We are talking here about any business at all at the start of its journey. Growth in ecommerce is all about reaching checkpoints of investment, which both facilitate that growth and announce to spectators that the company is growing. 

To take an example, when a company just starts out, order fulfilment is usually handled in-house. The point will come (should come) however when fulfilment needs to be outsourced. And why does it have to be outsourced? Simply because order load is now too great to be handled in-house, and so the company must have grown. When the company invests in third-party fulfilment, this also shows that they have the funds to do so. And so, once more, it announces the company’s growth to all. 

Web design is one such investment. At the start, you might be handling it yourself. Your company is growing, however, when you can either hire a web design professional onto your team or outsource web design entirely. Sacramento website design company Peak Design says that this normally takes the website to the next level.

But your website must start somewhere and your brand identity, general aesthetic, and way of doing business need to all be pretty set the beginning. At that stage it is you who is likely to be responsible. 

Mistakes Not to Make 

When designing your website at the outset, it is unlikely that you will have top web design expertise. But one of the best ways to get there is to learn about the rookie errors so you can avoid making them even the first-time around. Here follows some of the most common mistakes that businesses make when designing their own website. 

Confusing Communication and Navigation 

It is important to think of your website as one of the ways you communicate with your customers. It’s certainly the form of communication that comes first. Accordingly, your website needs to satisfy the visitors’ curiosity and give them the information they need to find what they want. This requires a website layout that is easily navigable and information which is easily reached. A good rule of thumb here is to ensure that no page on the site is more than two clicks away. 

Not Enough Calls-to-Action 

A call-to-action (CTA) is anything which makes the visitor active instead of passive. Subscribe buttons, newsletter sign-ups, account subscriptions – these are all CTAs, and they are vital for turning visitors into regular visitors and then into paying customers. 

Not Optimizing for Mobile 

Websites can be viewed on computer screens or mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Since 2016, they are more often viewed on mobile devices. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, then you will lose a massive chunk of your potential traffic. 

Learning the most common mistakes is learning about web design. That is important to do before you have the resources to hand things over to the professionals.

Author: Steve J. Bauer